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What a “Graze” Idea










Yesterday I received my first “Graze Box”. I got a voucher for a free box with my food delivery last week and was really excited to try it out. I had heard a lot of yummy things about it from my sister who has been ordering the box for a couple of months now. The great thing about the box is that you can choose what you like to snack on online, where they let you rank the different foods they offer.

The nibbleboxes have four punnets and its a great idea if you’re into snacking (who isn’t?). I’ve already had the rustic marble bread which was really good and sprinkled some the cranberry&honey granola on my oatmeal this morning.









I used the granola very sparingly because I wanted to have some left for when I felt like snacking. It tastes really good, a little sweet from the honey but not sweet enough to give you a sugar rush.


Healthy Snack: Nuts


Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend.

I just wanted to share a quick and easy snack idea: nuts.

My favorite nuts are probably almonds and Brazilian nuts but I usually buy a nut-mix which also includes walnuts, cashews and macadamia nuts. If you are one of those people who likes to snack throughout the day and tend to crave something chocolatey, try snacking on nuts instead. Even though they are really healthy, they are rich in unsaturated fat (healthy fat) which will satisfy you almost the same way chocolate does.

Many people don’t like the flavor of nuts and if that’s keeping you from enjoying their health benefits here a couple of ideas of how to make them taste even more exciting.

  • Spice them up with pepper or chilli
  • Add a little salt (I like using Herbamare)
  • Flavor them with vanilla extract or Cinnamon
  • Add a little brown sugar
  • Roast them (this will add extra crunchiness)

These are some nuts I was snacking on yesterday. If you roast your nuts in tamari there is no need to salt them, because soy sauce is naturally quite salty. I also added some mild chilli.

Nut mix roasted in tamari