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London Weekend Recap 2


I am back in Reading after a great weekend in London. Initially I wanted to come back yesterday afternoon, but Christina and Fraser were planning on watching the ATP World Tour Final so I decided to stay for that. (My sister and I are Roger Federer fans so we were both quite happy when he finally won!)  Plus, staying in London for another night gave me a chance to do some baking. I made Cheesecake Brownies, which sound good in theory but which were still very fudgy in the center because the cream cheese on top was already turning brown…I blame the oven! I may have to give it a second go once my sugar rush has worn off.

Saturday’s dinner was really good. After two weeks of arguing with my brother about which restaurant to go to, we decided to try this great Thai restaurant which my sister had already been to once.  The food was delicious and rich in different flavors including spicy chilli and creamy coconut. As a starter I had Chicken Satay with Peanut Sauce; I was hoping it would taste just like the Satay we used to have in Indonesia, which it didn’t, but it was still good. My sister had Steamed Prawn and Coconut Dumplings.


For the mains we decided to each order one dish and then share, which I’m glad we did because it gave me a chance to try a lot of different things. There was quite a bit of variation on the table and a lot to choose from: curry, pan-fried silken tofu, beef, fish and vegetables.

Fraser and Christina approved of my Flapjacks, so I will be posting the recipe sometime this week (even though I feel there is still some room for improvement).

Have a good week!


Back in Food-Heaven


I had the pleasure of going to London again this weekend to celebrate my brother’s 26th birthday! My sister, Christina, and I took him out for dinner to an American Diner styled restaurant/ bowling venue. We initially planned to go bowling but someone (my brother) forgot to reserve a lane, so we ended up only having dinner.

However, being clever as I am I took an earlier train into London and stopped by Food-Heaven (a.k.a Whole Foods). I stocked up on some much needed essentials!

Knowing that we would be served American-styled food I was really looking forward to a beef Burger, however the one on the menu didn’t sound that appealing to me so I settled for the vegetarian burger served with a stack of Manouri Cheese, Quorn & Eggplant Guac and Fries. It was really good. The guys (my brother, Alex and my sister’s BF, Fraser) had burgers which looked delicious as well and my sister had the Philadelphia Cheesesteak Sandwich.


Dessert is also worth mentioning. We ordered a Rocky Road Sundae and Mississippi Mud pie to share. It was rich and chocolatey and satisfied my sweet tooth for the day.

However, the weekend still got better. This morning my sister insisted that we go to Le Pain Quotidien for Brunch and of course I didn’t say no to that option. We actually had a lengthy discussion about what meal we were having since it was 11:30. Breakfast? Lunch? Christina and I argued that of course it was Brunch, Fraser however prefered to call late Breakfast or early Lunch.


Brunch, what else would you expect, was delicious! And I think Fraser quite enjoyed his early lunch too! I had the fruit salad and granola parfait, Fraser had scrambled eggs with toast and Christina had the oatmeal and we all shared a side of walnut bread.

It was yet another successful food weekend!

I love my Daily Bread


Before I share some of the amazing (food) pictures of London I took over the past few days I wanted to write about one of my favorite restaurants/ bakeries: Le Pain Quotidien (“the daily bread”). I first discovered this bakery during a family trip to New York in 2008 and even though it is originally from Europe (Belgium to be exact) I had never heard of it before then. New York is filled with LPQs so it was inevitable to go in and check the place out for ourselves. Everything about this place is amazing: the food, the atmosphere and the constant hustle and bustle (I’ve never been to one that was not crowded, which is a sign that everyone loves the food).

Le Pain Quotidien was founded in 1990 in Brussels by Alain Coumont , a chef who was unsatisfied with the bread quality in Belgium. He began baking his own bread in his first little bakery which soon thereafter began selling a larger variety of bread in addition to pastries. His bakery was furnished with antique pieces he had discovered at flea markets, one of the items being a large communal table which is up to today the center piece of each bakery.

Organic Baker's Basket and Fruit Bowl

On Saturday I insisted that we go to LPQ in London so my friends, Nina and Lisa could see for themselves why I love it so much and keep babbling on about the amazing crispy bread and wonderfully creamy chocolate spreads. It really didn’t take much convincing and everyone absolutely loved their breakfast!

Our Breakfast:

We shared the Organic Baker’s Basket on Sunday and I had the Bircher Muesli on Saturday. Check out my recipe for the Bircher Muesli if you’re interested.


Nina had the carrot cake (seriously the cutest carrot cake I’ve seen) and Lisa and I had the Fruit Bowl (scrumptious!)

This is a Salmon Tartine that we shared for lunch.