Early New Year


I can’t believe how fast my time at home has been flying by! Even though I’ve been having the best time with my family it feels like my vacation is half over already because my sister is flying back to London tomorrow morning. I’m glad that I get to stay in Austria for another 2 weeks but really wish my sister and I  would have had a little more time together since we don’t really do that much or get to see each other that often when we’re in England.

We decided to spend our last day together in the year 2011 with shopping. We got up bright and early, had a quick bowl of invigorating oatmeal and a cappuccino and drove off to Salzburg to hit the malls.

We were quite the successful shoppers! Even though I was spoiled rotten by my family for Christmas I could not help myself to indulge in some post-Christmas bargains.

For dinner my mom prepared Fondue! Fondue is usually our New Year’s Eve dinner because it makes waiting for midnight a tad easier if you are munching on meat, sausage and warm baguette all night long. But because Christina loves Fondue just as much as I do and since she can’t be around for New Year’s we decided to have Fondue night by 2 days earlier.

Each year we have the same sauces, sausages and meat and gather round the table as the whole family talking, laughing and eating! Lots of eating!

While the meat is being cooked it’s always good to have a full basket of baguette nearby to have something to dunk into the sauces.

Even though all of the sauces are delicious in their own way, my favorite flavors are dill and cowberry sauce.

I’m off to play some board games with the family!


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