Christmas Eats


I hope you’ve all had an amazing Christmas and enjoyed a couple of stress-free days with family and friends. We had a wonderful time and it was great to see my grandparents and spend time with all of my siblings playing games, going for walks, hiking and  lots of eating!

On Christmas Eve my grandma and mom prepared a delicious meal. We had a traditional Austrian soup (“Frittatensuppe” -shredded savory pancake soup) and turkey. We added lots of vegetables to keep things as healthy as possible! For dessert we had Mousse au Chocolat and fruit salad.

Shredded savory pancake soup is a specialty in Austria and is one of my favorite soups. The preparation is similar to pancakes except for the fact that they have to be extremely thin, sort of like French crepes. After they’ve cooled down they are cut into thin pieces and added to beef broth.

I had a huge portion of red cabbage and a side of cabbage salad with my turkey.

Mommy’s famous Mousse au Chocolat with an extra big scoop of fruit salad.

Yesterday we decided to have Nasi Goreng. Even though it’s not a typical Christmas meal, it’s something everyone loves and only my mom knows how to make. My sister specifically requested it as she is only home for a couple of days and wants to have her favorite food while in Austria. Luckily her favorite food is also my favorite food!

After a 1.5 hour hike/ run with my dad and brother this afternoon I got home to a delicious and tender duck roasting in the oven.

Served with left-over red cabbage and home-made Austrian dumplings.

And because we haven’t yet eaten enough we attempted to fill up on nutrients with chocolate fondue with different flavors of chocolate: yoghurt vanilla, chocolate brownie, milk chocolate and orange chocolate.

I hope your holiday was equally as successful food-wise!


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    • Thank you! The cabbage salad is prepared by cutting the cabbage into small pieces and cooking it in a little water with salt and caraway. When the cabbage is cooked (al dente) it is mixed together with fried diced bacon and onion and served warm!

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