A visit to the Christmas Market


Hello everyone!
I hope you are all enjoying Christmas week! I certainly am….4 more days to go!

After a quick 7km run this morning, my sister and I drove into town to finish up our Christmas shopping. We now have all our presents (except for a little something for our parents). I love how magical everything is in the winter and how beautiful everything is decorated. Apart from the parking chaos and too many people on the roads (however nothing compared to 600 000 people on London’s shopping streets on Saturday) it was a perfect outing.

As a treat for being such time efficient shoppers, Christina and I hit the Christmas market for lunch. We walked around to see what our options were, but Christina was set on having Raclette bread. It was delicious! The flavor wasn’t as strong as usual raclettes and the smell not as “cheesy”.

Christina forgot that I take pictures of my food and had already taken a bite before I could take a picture, but I think you get the point!

Dessert was a “Bauernkrapfen”, a Austrian donut, which is filled with apricot jam. We usually have them when we go hiking as a treat that we made it up the mountain.

Here are some more snap shots from the Christmas Market, it looks a lot better with snow on the ground but we’re still waiting on that.

My mom has some friends over for a Christmas potluck so I have to go take lots of pictures and check out the food situation. See you all tomorrow!


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