I’m Home!


I’m so excited to be back home in Austria for Christmas break. After spending a great weekend in London with my sister, the two of us arrived home around lunch time. After the extremely long 2-hour flight we came home to a house that was  festively decorated and it immediately got me into Christmas-y mood. My dad is the best decorator when it comes to Christmas and fills the house with unique and really special pieces that lighten up our house and make it look even more festive and welcoming than it already is.

After a long cuddling session with our dog, Sunny, it was time to check out the Christmas cookies. I have to say, my mom did an extremely good job, as she does every year, and baked 10(!) different variations. I started taste testing them for lunch and finished the rest for dessert after dinner. They are all beyond delicious. I might be adding another flavor or two this week to round things off and take advantage of a fully equipped kitchen.



For dinner mom made “Wiener Schnitzel”, which is probably the most Austrian thing you can eat. My tummy and I were quite happy. Schnitzel is a piece of boneless pork, veal or turkey, coated in a mixture of bread crumbs and eggs and then fried. Not exactly the healthiest meal to have but I’ll make an exception over the holiday season.


Served with a mixed side salad and oven-roasted herb and spice potatoes .

I’m off to bed early tonight since I had to get up at 5:15am!


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