All about Granola


Told you I would be back sooner than later. I woke up quite early this morning, am showered, have had breakfast and am just waiting for the rest of the gang to get moving so we can start our day of Christmas shopping. In the meantime I thought I’d share some of my favorite granola brands with you!

Granola is a hot topic in the blogosphere and in the short time that I have been involved I have fallen in love with the crunchiness and versatility of oats. Up until now my favorite granola was from Le Pain Quotidien and it was really the only time I would have granola.

However, since becoming a blogger I have started experimenting a little and created my own recipes and learned how to critically look at and taste food. One of the food products I have started to look at very critically is granola. In Austria the “granola” we have is very sugary and makes you fall into a sugar coma so it’s not really my cup of tea but ever since studying in the UK I have tried out different brands and kinds of granola and for anyone living ihere I thought I might highlight what I like about the flavors I’ve tried so far.

Biona Organic Granola


This was the first granola I tried and personally I think this is the easiest one to find. What I really like about this granola is that it is very fruity, however it is a little bit sweeter than what I would like it to be. Biona has a variety of flavors including Honey Hazelnut and Choco Crunchy. Sweeteners used are raw cane sugar, wheat syrup and honey.

Lizi’s Granola


I was really excited when I found Lizi’s Granola at Wholefoods last month because I’d been reading all about her granola online. Sweetners include agave syrup and fructose. If you’re interested to learn how Lizi makes her granola, there’s a good video on her website that explains which ingredients are used and what purpose they fulfill.

Le Pain Quotidien Honey Granola


By now you should know that Le Pain Quotidien is my favorite bakery. I love the atmosphere in their bakeries and the quality of the food. Whenever I go to London I usually stop by LPQ once to buy some bread. Last time I went I couldn’t resist buying their Honey Granola (which I already knew I’d love because it’s what they use in their granola parfait). Honestly, I have so say that this is one of my favorites. It’s not too sweet (they use brown rice syrup) and has a hint of honey. It includes nuts and seeds and is perfectly crunchy. Don’t be fooled by the amount of coconut in the pictures above – I added a little more to the granola because it’s a key topping on all of my oatmeals!

Dorset Cereals

Yes, I am aware that technically this is not a granola, but rather a muesli but I thought I might include anyways  as I have just had it for breakfast. I’ve never actually seen dorset cereals before where I live, but then again, the store that I usually go to doesn’t have a wide variety of anything! I found this cereal in my sister’s kitchen and I thought it would be the right thing to top my yoghurt with. I really like how natural is tastes. One of the problems I have with a lot of breakfast cereals is that you can taste the hefty amount of sweeteners added so it’s good to have a cereal/ muesli that is kept at its most natural state. For sweetness, raisins and sultanas were included to the oats, nothing else! I also did a little research on their website and apparently they do have granola as well which I will have to try to find when I get back in January.

I hope you enjoyed this little review of my favorite granola and if you happen to know any other brands or recipes that I could try out, please feel free to enlighten me!


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