Time to think about Christmas!


First of all, I hope everyone who celebrated Thanksgiving yesterday had a fun filled day with their loved ones. From what I’ve seen so far on some of the blogs, it was very successful food wise. Now I can’t wait to see all the Christmas recipes everyone has to offer!

Being a Christmas-obsessed person, I start my Christmas countdown in September, start listening to Christmas music at the beginning of November and start thinking about Christmas cookies and treats earlier than the average human being. Over the last couple of weeks I was trying to come up with a healthy version of a Christmas Flapjack and today I finally managed to end with a version which I feel I can share with you. Before I do though I need to have them taste-tested by my sister and her boyfriend this weekend. If they approve, I will share the recipe next week. Here’s a little preview:

This morning during one of my boring lectures I was mentally going through the food I had in my fridge to figure out what I could have for lunch. I decided to make wraps with a very big side of kale chips.

The foundation of the wrap was a sauce I created out of fried onion, soured cream, honey and a little bit of barbeque sauce. This was probably my favorite part because it reminded my of a sauce we have with our Fondue on New Year’s Eve. The wraps were filled with diced tomato, roasted chicken, goat cheese and mixed salad. Scrumptious!


Have a good weekend!


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