Exploring the fabulous World of Food Blogs


One of the best things about blogging is the community there is out there. I seriously had no idea how many food bloggers there are but ever since starting this blog almost all I do (besides studying, of course) is explore the wonderful world of food blogs. There are so many incredible blogs out there and I get inspired by so many different people and their ideas for a healthy lifestyle.

In addition to that, there is an abundance of recipes you can try. Everyday I stumble upon at least five recipes that I want to try. So I thought I really need to start sooner than later. Today seemed like the perfect day.

For lunch I made Naan Pizza for which I found the recipe on Laurie’s blog Simply Scratch. Apart from the amazing photography, Laurie’s recipes are simply fabulous. The reason I chose to make Naan Pizza is because 1. I love pizza (when it’s home-made, not so much the fat dripping pizzas you get from the usual chains) 2. Laurie’s photography was very convincing and 3. I knew Naan bread was one of the easiest things to find (the Brits love Indian food!).

Making your own Naan Pizza is one of the simplest things to do. I pretty much followed Laurie’s recipe adding pesto, tomatoes and mozarella and 10 minutes later I had a delicious pizza.


If you’re like me and love pizza, try this recipe. There’s no quicker way to making home-made pizza and it doesn’t require a lot of time at all.

See you all tomorrow!


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