Grilled Vegetable Quinoa Salad


Today I am back with a new recipe. I had this for lunch and if you like quinoa then I’m sure you’ll love this version of a healthy and protein-rich salad. It shouldn’t take you too long to prepare (unless you’re me and totally unorganized in the kitchen, as I was today!). I added an enormous amount of lemon juice as a dressing so I’m sure my Vitamin C tanks are overflowing.

Grilled Vegetable Quinoa Salad

(inspired by Alain Coumont’s communal table – memories and recipes)

Serves 1

You will need:

  • 60g of quinoa
  • water
  • eggplant, cut into 4 or 5 1cm thick slices
  • zucchini, cut into 6 1cm slices
  • 1 tomato, diced
  • lemon
  • fresh basil
  • salt and pepper
  • olive oil
  1. Start by cooking the quinoa in about 150ml of water until the liquid has been absorbed.
  2. In the meantime heat up 2 tbsp of olive oil in a non-stick skillet and fry the eggplant and zucchini. Once golden brown, remove from the pan and cut the vegetables in smaller (bite-size) pieces.
  3. Combine the grilled vegetables with the tomato. Add fresh basil.
  4. Once the quinoa is al dente, add it to the vegetables. Add salt and pepper and dress with the juice of 1/4 (or more if you’re me) of lemon.
  5. Enjoy!



This salad makes a great side dish with fish or meat. I had mine with a piece of toasted Le Pain Quotidien bread and some goat cheese drizzled with some more lemon juice…try it….sooo good!

Hope you like this recipe and enjoy the rest of the day.


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