Pancake Breakfast


This morning at the gym I could not get through my workout quick enough. The reason: I was making pancakes for breakfast. I found a great pancake mix at the grocery store last week and have been excited to try it out for a couple of days now. The pancake mix is by Hale & Hearty and I recommend it to anyone living in the UK because it’s super healthy. To name only some of the ingredients: wholemeal rice flour, milled golden flax seed, wholemeal quinoa flour and chickpea flour. The mix is wheat and gluten free!

The last time I made pancakes was for Moritz’s (my little brother who we actually call Mo) 17th birthday. As you can see from the picture I went a little overboard with the pancake batter and my family turned out having pancakes for the next couple of days. My mum may have even had to freeze a couple. This is why I was glad to see that the pancake mix gave a reasonable sized portion.


Instead of having maple syrup with my pancakes I thought I’d make some home-made berry preserve. I used blueberries and blackberries and mixed them together with a little bit of orange juice. I heated the mixture up on low heat, added 1 tsp. of brown sugar and waited for it to thicken a little.


This is just the right breakfast to start the weekend off with!



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