Salade de Brilliance


A couple of years ago when my siblings and I still lived at home my older brother, Alex, would occasionally make late night salads. He started off by using lettuce but gradually started including different ingredients like sweet corn and tuna and different vegetables and learned to perfect his dressing. Being sure his creation was the best salad yet, he named it “Salade de Brilliance”.

Today at lunch I was in my creative mode and tried making a salad that I’ve never had before. I had a couple of things in my fridge that I wanted to used: mixed salad, roasted chicken breast, avocado and vine tomatoes. Usually I would just mix everything together and add oil and vinegar, but today I wanted to change things up a little.

Instead of just cutting the tomato into slices or cubes, I decided to roast them in the oven (15-20 minutes at 175°C) along with some basil leaves and garlic for some extra flavor. I also sliced up a small sweet potato out of which I made fries. To add extra spice to the chicken I sprinkled it with some chilli powder and drizzled it with some tamari. The least creative part of the meal was the avocado which I just sliced into a few pieces.

Now I’m sure there are salads out there that are equally as delicious but I thought for the time it took me to make this salad it turned out pretty good and if I’d have to choose a name for it it would probably be “Salade de Brilliance”.



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