On the Run


I was quite the busy bee today. I got up earlier than usual (sorry to those who get up super early everyday, but I guess that’s the luxury of being a University student!) so I could be at the gym by 7am. I was actually there a little earlier so I ended up waiting around in the freezing cold weather (I’m guessing 4-5°C) for a couple of minutes. Once the gym opened I managed to do a good cardio workout and some weight training.

I rushed back home, showered and prepared some oatmeal and was done in time for my lectures.

I had a rather short lunch break, but decided to go home and prepare a salad.

I wasn’t actually planning on adding anything to my salad, but I had some leftover Einkorn and a bell pepper waiting to be eaten so I decided to “stuff” the bell pepper with the Einkorn, top it off with some cheese and bake it for about 10 minutes. Usually when I fill bell peppers I use couscous but the Einkorn was already cooked with made everything a lot easier.


The bell peppers were the perfect addition to what would have been a boring salad.

I’ll try to eat something more exciting tomorrow or hopefully post a new recipe!


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