Back in Food-Heaven


I had the pleasure of going to London again this weekend to celebrate my brother’s 26th birthday! My sister, Christina, and I took him out for dinner to an American Diner styled restaurant/ bowling venue. We initially planned to go bowling but someone (my brother) forgot to reserve a lane, so we ended up only having dinner.

However, being clever as I am I took an earlier train into London and stopped by Food-Heaven (a.k.a Whole Foods). I stocked up on some much needed essentials!

Knowing that we would be served American-styled food I was really looking forward to a beef Burger, however the one on the menu didn’t sound that appealing to me so I settled for the vegetarian burger served with a stack of Manouri Cheese, Quorn & Eggplant Guac and Fries. It was really good. The guys (my brother, Alex and my sister’s BF, Fraser) had burgers which looked delicious as well and my sister had the Philadelphia Cheesesteak Sandwich.


Dessert is also worth mentioning. We ordered a Rocky Road Sundae and Mississippi Mud pie to share. It was rich and chocolatey and satisfied my sweet tooth for the day.

However, the weekend still got better. This morning my sister insisted that we go to Le Pain Quotidien for Brunch and of course I didn’t say no to that option. We actually had a lengthy discussion about what meal we were having since it was 11:30. Breakfast? Lunch? Christina and I argued that of course it was Brunch, Fraser however prefered to call late Breakfast or early Lunch.


Brunch, what else would you expect, was delicious! And I think Fraser quite enjoyed his early lunch too! I had the fruit salad and granola parfait, Fraser had scrambled eggs with toast and Christina had the oatmeal and we all shared a side of walnut bread.

It was yet another successful food weekend!


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