I love my Daily Bread


Before I share some of the amazing (food) pictures of London I took over the past few days I wanted to write about one of my favorite restaurants/ bakeries: Le Pain Quotidien (“the daily bread”). I first discovered this bakery during a family trip to New York in 2008 and even though it is originally from Europe (Belgium to be exact) I had never heard of it before then. New York is filled with LPQs so it was inevitable to go in and check the place out for ourselves. Everything about this place is amazing: the food, the atmosphere and the constant hustle and bustle (I’ve never been to one that was not crowded, which is a sign that everyone loves the food).

Le Pain Quotidien was founded in 1990 in Brussels by Alain Coumont , a chef who was unsatisfied with the bread quality in Belgium. He began baking his own bread in his first little bakery which soon thereafter began selling a larger variety of bread in addition to pastries. His bakery was furnished with antique pieces he had discovered at flea markets, one of the items being a large communal table which is up to today the center piece of each bakery.

Organic Baker's Basket and Fruit Bowl

On Saturday I insisted that we go to LPQ in London so my friends, Nina and Lisa could see for themselves why I love it so much and keep babbling on about the amazing crispy bread and wonderfully creamy chocolate spreads. It really didn’t take much convincing and everyone absolutely loved their breakfast!

Our Breakfast:

We shared the Organic Baker’s Basket on Sunday and I had the Bircher Muesli on Saturday. Check out my recipe for the Bircher Muesli if you’re interested.


Nina had the carrot cake (seriously the cutest carrot cake I’ve seen) and Lisa and I had the Fruit Bowl (scrumptious!)

This is a Salmon Tartine that we shared for lunch.




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