“Let Food be thy Medicine…


…and Medicine be the Food” (Hippocrates)

During one of my nutrition lectures today my professor mentioned the importance of Hippocrates, who is considered the Father of Western Medicine on nutrition today. He showed us different pictures of “real” foods in comparison to refined food and once again stressed the significance of whole foods.

One of the picture comparisons was rice: brown rice (which did not have its bran or germ removed) vs. white rice. For anyone interested, milling will not necessarily change the amount of calories that the grain contains, but through the milling process a lot of vitamins and minerals are lost. My tip: always try to eat whole grains!

The lecture today was yet again another good reminder why healthy eating is so essential for a healthy life. All those years ago Hippocrates was right. Food really is our medicine and we should therefore be careful of what we fill our bodies with.

Another good thing about the lecture was that I did not have to do a lot of thinking about what to have for dinner: naturally I was going to have rice, whole grain rice that is!

I cooked the brown rice in some vegetable broth and added about a handful of kale towards the end.

On the side I added a mixed salad with avocado, sprinkled with some walnuts.

Lunch wasn’t as spectacular, but I’ll still share a picture. Once again I had whole-wheat, seeded toast with chilli hummus, cheddar cheese, kale and tomatoes. Apple on the side.


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