What to do with Leftovers


With this post I just want to show all the students out there,in particular how easy it can be to make a healthy and not too pricey dinner/ lunch. I find that my biggest problem is having too many leftovers (see below). Coming from a family of four children, I’m used to helping in the kitchen and cooking bigger amounts of food and it can be pretty difficult downscaling the amount of food I cook when I’m at University. However, the good thing is I do not have to cook a whole new meal the next day, but try to incorporate what I have left instead.


For lunch I decided to have a wrap. This is something to simple it’s not really worth writing a lot about. Basically, fill it with whatever you have or whatever you like. In my case, this included Greek yoghurt, tomato, lettuce, carrot, bell pepper and polenta drizzled with tamari.

As a side dish I had a clementine and an apple (of course!)


Because I had an early lunch I had a snack in the afternoon so my dinner wasn’t really that spectacular, but better than nothing. I finished off the polenta (I definitely made too much off that), got a chance to taste the cheddar cheese I bought and had some whole-wheat, seeded toast with chilli hummus. On the side I had grapes and tomatoes.


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