Pilates Excitement


For some reason I just couldn’t sleep in this morning…it must have been my excitement for the Pilates class I signed up for this morning. Since I was up so early and my class didn’t start until 10am I decided to have a small breakfast. Even though I was in an “oatmeal mood” I opted for something lighter:

Whole-wheat seeded toast with almond butter. I topped it with about 1/4 banana which I had leftover from my breakfast yesterday. Since I was already in the kitchen I decided to try some of the protein powder I had ordered.

I generally consume enough protein through my diet therefore would not necessarily need extra protein, however I like making smoothies and shakes and find that flavored protein powder adds a lot of taste. I’ve been trying to find a suitable brand that I like for quite some time now and after many disappointments I think we finally have a winner: Sunwarrior Raw Vegan Protein.

This rice protein powder is great because it is vegan in contrast to most protein supplements on the market. It does not leave any chunks in your shake unlike other protein powders and tastes absolutely delicious…naturally I had to order the chocolate flavor but they also offer vanilla and natural.

Happy Saturday!


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