Follow the Colorful Path to Tastiness


As you can imagine I was extremely busy today. After having breakfast I grabbed my almost endless “to-do list” and walked into town. I had loads of errands to run and basically did not get a chance to grab a bite to eat.

When I got back I opened the fridge and luckily some fresh, curly kale was waiting for me. So, I decided to make kale chips to accompany my vegetable bulgur. Quite often when I’m craving a certain vegetable or grain I don’t really know what exactly I’ll be making with it but as soon as I start chopping vegetables, it all comes together to a wonderful, healthy dish. As a rule of thumb, always try to make your dishes as colorful as possible. Today, after my kale was in the oven I decided to add broccoli to the bulgur. However, for my taste it wasn’t  colorful enough yet so I simply chopped in a small carrot. Had I not been so hungry I would have probably made the effort to add some more veggies.

Is there anything better than kale?

Excuse the very bad quality of the picture.

Hope you all have a beautiful weekend and let yourself be inspired by the colors of your food!



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